Rekindling that Missing Creative Spark

Creativity is not a constant resource. It has its share of ebbs and flows. There may be times that you find yourself in a flow while some days may feel like whatever creative juices you have ran out. But doing creative work does not have to stop when there is lack of inspirations around. Here are some ideas on how to rekindle creativity when you need to.

1. Shift your focus. It would be pointless to keep working on something when you feel unmotivated or stressed out. Shift your focus by deliberately stepping away from whatever you are working on to do something else. Find a distraction that will relax and clear your mind. Putting distance between you and the work at hand can be mentally refreshing.

2. Get active. Many highly creative and successful people are into some of the most grueling sports imaginable. Some actively train and participate in triathlon, marathon, ultra marathon, and a wide array of adventure races. If you observe the people who frequent your gym, you would probably notice a good number of people in the creative field sweating it out before or after work. A lot of great ideas sometimes come while in the middle of an exercise.

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3. Open your mind to new or unusual ideas. Avoid dismissing an idea just because it seems absurd or highly impossible. Explore them and play with what if scenarios. Opposing ideas does not have to end in disastrous results. Finding associations and connections may lead you to the creative spark you are looking for.

4. Disrupt your routines. Many creative people change things up from time to time. They do not stick to the same old routines. You do not have to make big changes in your habits or how you do your work at any given day. But by infusing little changes or mixing up things in your daily life, you open yourself to new things that may trigger ideas that you may find useful in your work. Some of the things you can do are to change your waking time, eat something different from the usual meals you have, taking a different route to places you often go to, and more. By changing some parts of your routines, you engage your mind to be present in the moment as you make adjustments to ingrained habits to perform certain tasks.

5. Find time to relax. Creative work can be extremely stressful at times. Pressure to meet deadlines often mean giving up precious time for rest and relaxation. Working under pressure may seem to work, but it can take its mental and physical toll. One way to find your creative spark is to make time for relaxation regardless of how busy things get.

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