Why You Should Bring an Inverter on Your Next Travel

The generators from Gardening & Home have proven how efficient inverter generators are compared to conventional ones.

Today, we’ll take a look at why they’re not only best for home use, but also for outdoor use. Below are the three reasons why it’s a wise decision to take an inverter with you on your next trip.

They’re portable

generac-gp2200i-portable-inverter-generatorInverters are small and lightweight considering the amount of power they hold. They weigh around 30 to 50 pounds only, which means handling, transporting, and storing them is a breeze. You could take them when you want to hike, camp, go on a road trip, and so on! They can fit in your car, boat, and other vehicles perfectly! Tell me, would you rather take a conventional generator that’s bulky and heavy than an inverter which is light and small? If you’re thinking straight, I’m pretty sure you’ll go for the convenience that inverter generators take along with them.

They supply clean energy

There’s one major problem about traveling: You can’t have an energy source with you all the time. But the good news is now you can get clean power that’s as good as the one provided by your electric company! That’s because inverter generators produce AC which gets converted to DC, then back to AC. The resulting power is smoothed out, giving you clean electricity (pure sine waves) to power up your electronic devices. With an inverter, you won’t have to worry about your phone’s or laptop’s battery while you’re on a road trip. It can even charge up your game console, power tool, DVD player, printer, and kitchen appliance. Thanks to their clean energy, sensitive machines can get the power they deserve—one that’s pure and of high quality.


In contrast, you can’t power up delicate electronics with a conventional generator because the unit will cause the electronics to malfunction and get damaged. So, whenever you need clean electricity, all you have to do is switch your inverter generator on and the fun won’t be interrupted.

They can be connected

If you think one inverter isn’t enough (after all, you can only power up one appliance at a time), you can always pair your generator with an identical inverter to double the power output. This is called parallel operation. It means you’re using two small and light inverter generators to use and enjoy more power capacity. What’s great about this is that even if you’re using two units, they’ll still be quieter, lighter, and easier to bring compared to a conventional generator.

wen inverter generators parallel operation

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