The Art Of Using Saws


Be it a chainsaw, a band saw, a table saw, a miter saw, or even top rated woodrouters – we can’t deny that saws are very handy in a person’s life. But you know what? It’s not just used for cutting down trees or making wood products – it’s used for art, too!

Saws For Painting

saw blade

Wondering how saws can be used for painting? Think of “wide.” Yup, that’s right. You can use a “wide” saw blade as canvass for painting, just like what one artist did back in 2015.

MyndScapes artist Daniel Thomson has been featured in ViralNova in February 2015 due to his beautiful artworks painted on old saw blades, specifically old power saw or long saw blades. Most of these paintings feature nature and outdoor life at its best – complete with stunning illustrations of a lush forest, a picturesque riverside, and a calm ocean. According to Daniel, his paintings were all imagined – hence, the name MyndScapes. Knowing there are no places like these existing in the real world also satisfies him, which is clearly evident in his beautiful paintings.

But you might ask, what made him paint on saw blades? He further explained that about 22 years ago, he stumbled across an old saw blade from a sawmill in a barn near his Buffalo, New York house. He thought it would be exceptional to have it placed on a wall and has been painting on it and other unique platforms since then.

Saws For Carving


Art is not just limited to painting, though. It’s also found in carving and in this case, carving wood sculptures via saws – or more specifically, chainsaws.

Tupper Lake featured a closer look in the world of carving wood sculptures via saws back in 2015 as they prepared for the annual Tupper Lake Woodsmen’s Days, which is held every second weekend of July – wherein competitions, demonstrations, exhibits, parades, and other form of celebrations are done around the small New York village’s rich wood industry history. Aside from that, people can find great deals from wood products such as chairs, tables, shelves, bird houses – and of course, stunning carved wood sculptures.

It’s worth noting that apart from being able to see wood sculptures up close, people can also see how these wood sculptures are made through a chainsaw carving competition – wherein chainsaw carvers all over the Northeast area of New York City show off their carving and designing skills for cash prizes and even bragging rights.

Check out this Batman wood sculpture!

The art of using saws has never really been more fun.

The Healing Powers of Art in Daily Life


Making art has a therapeutic effect. It could relieve anxiety, depression, and other illnesses as many studies show. And yet not many tap into the power of art for self-healing. Using art as a tool to deal with everyday stresses can promote well-being,

Beneficial Effects of Making Art

Boost mood. Creating art is a form of therapy in itself. It helps you express emotions or ideas that may not always be easy to explain or bring into the surface. It is a great way to allow yourself to explore your thoughts and whatever unresolved issues you may be keeping inside. This can help you get a better perspective on your emotions and thoughts that you may have not taken the time to explore or process.

Develop self-awareness. Deliberately slowing down from the daily grind allows you to learn more about yourself. Doing something creative, regardless of how good or bad it may be, provide you with opportunities for self-reflection and self-expression. This gives you the chance to look inward and discern new knowledge about yourself that may still be lurking beneath the surface.

Relief from stress. Immersing yourself in creating art can be very relaxing and therapeutic. Tapping into your creativity gives you a chance to let your imagination soar and make the most of the moment to enjoy the process.

Nurture relationships. Making art can be a solitary or social activity. It can be a great activity to share with family and friends. The shared experience can offer more insights about each other’s quirks and views. It can also be a great source of fodder for interesting stories that you can share with people close to you.

Creative Things to Do with Family and Friends

Use of artworks or illustrations to describe each other. Take turns drawing images or making artworks that best describe your family or friends. Or you can create an art by taking turns completing what one started. Let each one draw something that the next one in the group could add to until the last one finishes. You and your loved ones can have fun completing each others’ work and learn more about each other while doing it.

Create a work of art together. Decide on what you wish to create and let each member create a part of the bigger picture everyone gets to see and enjoy later.

Write a story. Have fun telling a story that everyone in the group can take turns illustrating. You and your family could come up with original stories and draw them for a more visual touch.