Creative Juice: The Next-Level Art Bar


Who’d have thought art and juice has become one, as well as in creating experiences that’ll last forever?

Not to confuse with making different types of juice or even smoothie drinks at home using juicers and blenders like those in or using juice drinks as medium instead of real paint, art and juice has become one – in the form of Creative Juice.

Let’s take a closer look at Creative Juice, the next-level art bar:

Located in Tucson, Arizona, Creative Juice is an epitome of how painting – or art, in general – is supposed to be: fun, exciting, and inspiring. Aside from that and getting your “creative juices flow” right out of your mind and your heart, the next-level art bar is something you or your friends would like to relax in – complete with good music and refreshing drinks. Even more so, Creative Juice offers art lessons for both kids and kids-at-heart.

Some of their lessons include The Juice Box, a summer camp for kids looking to beat the heat with a fun and productive summer vacation; Kids’ Day Camp and Kids’ Workshop, a training program for kids looking to be more creative; Kids and Family Classes, a training program for families looking to be more creative together; and Paint and Sip, a special class for adults looking to both relax and be more creative. Moreover, these programs can either just one, just two, or have more than two lessons included – further leveling up your art experience and improving not just your talent in painting, but also in other forms of art.

Creative Juice also offers special classes and events such as Gifted Art, where you can have your loved one get beautifully painted on a canvass via the art bar’s own program; private parties, where you can have extra special life occasions over paintings and drinks; fundraising events, where you can help other people and foundations by purchasing already-made canvases or having tailored ones made just for you; and more.

Ah, the art world has never been more fun. Creative Juice, the next-level art bar, has definitely set the bar higher. Aside from that, this Arizona-based art bar is not just for a selected group of people – it’s for everyone, be it you’re looking to know more or you’re looking to improve what you already know. It’s for every creative person with a fun, an exciting, and an inspiring mind and heart.

Visit Creative Juice Art Bar at 6530 E. Tanque Verde Road, Tucson, Arizona now!